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What to expect from the acquired GitHub by Microsoft

Microsoft is already the most open source company, Microsoft OpenSource news, about their own software C# and others already is opensource software.
Entire Microsoft Windows source code is alreay on GitHub, Microsft hosts 300GB on GitHub this shows how important to microsoft was to acquire GitHub, but why this strategy is good.
First, they became owner from his own windows source code repository;
second, they start a step to make parts on windows open source;
kick of others compananies to own his repository. 
The strategy of Microsoft changed after Bill Gates retirement. The Microsoft became a media/service company that has his own plataform to collect data (Windows 10) colecting from his new product: "users/people".
Examining the amount of data that are collected they can make better ads, if they are not doint yet, they will do it soon.
Everyone from Big Data technology know that metadata tells much about market, do think about the amount of metadata are being collect right now?
But how this is related with the acquire GitHub?
Well, Windows are going to be Linux. How? They will preserv their rights and the kernel, and to left the pieces of Windows to the community.The community is cheap, most of programmers want to show your work and promote his self, for ego or for a job.
 Most of the company's revenue will come from Azure, its growth was 98% in the last fiscal year
The cloud, the core business that involves the Azure will grow more and more as it is very easy to make money selling service. While maintaining development teams to keep products with proprietary code is expensive. I know this because in 2011 my company switched from software marketer to online service.
Today Office is the best seller, but even it, will be open source, and this open source will be administered by Artificial Intelligence that will manage the quality and the direction to the future choose by his board.
Companies, including Microsoft and other giants, are rushing desperately to whatever side feels like there's going to be a future or they can create some billion dollar breakthrough. The acquisition of Skype was just the market positioning, as well as the purchase of LinkedIN. Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp also by market positioning.
With Windows OpenSource Microsoft will have less cost to maintain cutting edge teams. This will be an opportunity for Windows to better serve its users, as the news takes decades to get out of Microsoft, remember ClearType, released in Windows XP and created 10 years earlier.  

Windows become a Free Software will be matter of time. Everything will work to make Azure the main source of Microsoft invoicing, possibly Windows 10+ to go straight to Azure. For a giant company to remain over time at the top should be micro-regulated by independent business cells to cope with the scalar growth of the market, technology and socio-ecnomomic-pluralist groups worldwide. Have you thought of a Windows for Teachers of India, for Lawyers of Portugal or for American Doctors, an exclusive version for each type of human activity. With Windows OpenSource this would be possible.
Giant companies will live in everlasting competition, until bigger companies come, coming out of nowhere, adding billions of users with ever-shorter speed. Human needs are endless, so there will always be a Startup company to change the world as it works today, but people will still find themselves around a table just as they have always done since the beginning of hunting and fire control.

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